Rabbit Remix - Soft-launch v0.1 🐇🌊🐇

Rabbit Remix - Soft-launch v0.1 🐇🌊🐇

Howdy! Hosted version and downloadable / localhost version for v0.1 available today. Still working on lots of supporting materials and I have disabled quite a few features that are not "ready for prime-time"

Check out the sample flow below...

Or start with a blank flow...

Sample of things NOT done yet as of this post:

  • Proper Documentation and How-To videos
  • Example Flows (besides the US State one above)
  • For Each Block
  • Shell Command Block (reqs server component not included w v0.1)
  • Generic HTTP Req Block (reqs server component for proxying, else client-side CORs can be a crapshoot)
  • Sub-flows (mini-flows inside a block)
  • Saving and Pulling pre-configured User Blocks out of a "parts bin"
  • Lots of UI bugs exist

Comments, bug-reports, etc - please hit me up on Twitter @ryrobes (DMs are open!)

Stay tuned for updates, bugfixes, etc. Releasing the server edition with HTTP reqs, Shell scripts (running local code from AI, etc), and a non-programmer friendly "loop" blocks will open up a huge world of new use cases.