Server release v0.33: shell blocks, file viewers, more super-prompting

Server release v0.33: shell blocks, file viewers, more super-prompting

New version posted on the Downloads page, no longer just an HTML5 bundle, it's a JAR file now since I've added server components (shell access).

Added inline docs for Rabbit Remix's "canvas triggers" that allow building of super-prompts to manipulate the canvas, other blocks, create new chats, loop reply to them, etc.

Its an odd way of doing things - but I think it gives the user a better lever to "program" the interface using *only* prompt engineering.

If the point of the platform is going "all in" on this interface modality - why not have chat blocks also be "the meta"?

It's actually quite remarkable that you can teach it primitives like these, then ask for more abstract things naturally and it'll try to incorporate the teachings together into a coherent set of actions (sometimes bizarre and hilarious).

Wrote a test flow for this build where I asked it to write "Fizz Buzz" in 2 different languages, execute, test it, iterate if needed.

Then I asked which one was faster... it created 2 new script files with timing functions and reported back both values.

I asked "how much" faster - and it created a new chat, sent the new empty chat both values and asked IT how much faster it was. It reported back to the first chat, and then it reported back to me in a new text block...

It's a simple thing, but so damn interesting at the same time... and this is with an (admittedly) pretty rushed / bad set of super-prompt canvas instructions. Crazy times.

Check out the FizzBuzz flow here in all it's glory.

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