Calling Blocks as "Functions" for OpenAI's new functions feature

Calling Blocks as "Functions" for OpenAI's new functions feature
Sub-flow "function" open with a "OpenAI function defs" UI open on the right panel.

Teaser to the next release of Remix (hopefully this week, I fell behind).

OpenAI released a cool feature that can be used instead of super-prompting to coax a chat agent to send the proper data to be handled for functions. I was already doing this, but through a layer of text parsing - this streamlines things a bit (however, I will keep the old implementation, since other APIs in the future might not have this feature and I want to allow them to execute canvas functions as well).

get weather sub-flow block "function" open...
get weather sub flow block "function" closed as a single block

Here is a quick video demo below, followed by a long form tweet where I lay out what is happening here step by step...

(forgive all the Tweet linking, Ghost only allows 100MB video uploads)

..and the full explanation...